How can I donate?


Select your type of donation

Choose if you want to donate for Teaching Boxes, Library Boxes or if you want to donate some new or used English children's books.  You can help the children a lot by donating a little. For 7€ we can already buy one colourful book for the children.


Choose your paying option

You can pay with PAY PAL or BANK TRANSFER.It's also possible to support Dodo's Book Boxes with Bank Transfer, without choosing a special Box. Because "Dodo's Book Boxes" is still a quite small project and not an NGO, I'm sorry to tell you that I can't issue any donation receipts.


Donate Books

Donate new or used Children's Books for creating new Library Boxes.

FEEL FREE to become a SPONSOR of Dodo's Book Boxes. You'll GIVE 1000 SMILES to the CHILDREN.