Social Children Groups at PPA

Pusat Pengembangan Anak (PPA) - is a  Project Student Center, located at the church Widhi Satya in Denpasar.

PPA is a place to help children living below standard, though they have big dreams.

PPA's vision:"We support children in their holistically development based on their talents God has given to them for creating new generations who can change communities".

Right now 287 of the poorest and most disadvantaged children between 3-8years old come to Widhi Satya Church four afternoons a week for a Holistic program.

These children of the program will be sponsored through Compassion and Widhi Satya Church until they are 18 years old, or until they've finished university if eligible. We move in four areas as a holistic children ministry: SpiritualSocio-emotionalIntellectual and Physical. Children in the program receive nutritious meals, vitamins, discounted education, free medical checkups, sing songs, learn the word of God, participate in excursions three to four times a year and learn their interest and talent such as Dance, English Lesson, Music, Sport, etc.

Dodo's English class at the PPA of Widhi Satya Church

Twelve children from grade 1 until grade 6 join Dodo's English class every Monday from 4pm till 6pm.Together with Dodo and his books they learn basic English in a fun and playful way. Have a look at the pictures to convince yourself.

"The books that you donated to our PPA is such a big help for the teachers. Because the Book Boxes all include hands on materials that go along with the stories, the books are really interesting for the children. Each of Dodo's English class helps the children to practice English in a fun way." (Yustina, English Teacher)