The Organic Farm Bali

The Organic Farm Bali is located at the traditional village Munduk Lumbang, in Central Bali.This farm is not just a farm for planting organic food- you can say it's like a farm for sowing seeds of education.

Marjan van Ravenzwaaij, founded the Organic Farm for educating and supporting the village farmers.

At the farm, the local farmers can learn how to plant western organic products. So hopefully they can become more independent of the government and can get the opportunity to sell their organic products to hotels, restaurants or villas.

Before Dodo's project was ready to start, Marjan had already had some Basic English classes with the village kids. Right now Dodo and Marjan have English classes 5 times a week.They love learning English with Dodo, because it's always fun and playful. Have a closer look at the videos and pictures to convince yourself.

Thanks to Kiddiology Bali for donating a lot of books for Dodo's Library Box at the Organic Farm. After some English classes with Dodo and Marjan, the village kids will be ready for reading some books at home with their parents.


Dancing and singing together with Dodo


Local Role Models for changing the reading habits