Sharing knowledge and passion


I love teaching in a fun and playful way and I know the importance of using puppets or stuffed animals, for working with children. When I saw Dodo for the first time I totally fell in love with him and knew he would be the right mascot for this project. Dodo and me are both passionate about sharing the English Language with children.


Being creative and setting up new ideas together with or for children belongs to my daily working routine. Because of this, it was quite easy to create Dodo's Project in such a short time. Thanks to everyone, who supported me.


The creative head of Dodo's Book Boxes- that's ME - ISABELL.

After finishing University, I worked in a bilingual school for 2 years. There I could really experience just how easy children learn a foreign language, it's impressive. With this experience and the knowledge of the importance of learning English in Bali, it didn't take a long time until I created Dodo's Book Boxes.

I’m always looking for new Teaching Materials

Share your teaching ideas with me and Dodo.

I’m always looking for Themed Books

Feel free to share your themed book lists with me and Dodo. We're always happy to get new inspiration for creating new Library Boxes.