How everything started

Before October 2016


Before the idea was born, I had traveled to Bali several times.When I told locals about my job as a preschool teacher,I was always asked if I could teach English to the children. Unfortunately it wasn't the right time but I knew I could do something. I still remember the feeling of having goose bumps all over my body when I entered a classroom in Bali for the first time.

Classrooms & Teaching Materials at Bali <-> Learning Surroundings at Europe

When you enter into a classroom of a public school in Bali you can only see some wooden tables, chairs and a chalk- or  whiteboard, nothing else. You won't find any shelves with books. There's no free access to books - neither in the classrooms nor in the school buildings. It is unthinkable for Western adults and children to learn in surroundings like that.

Learning can be easy and playful if the students are motivated and having fun. Just imagine you are a student, sitting in a classroom without any posters, learning materials, and books? How would you feel?

We know that learning success also depends on the learning materials and the learning surroundings. In Europe you can find lots of trade fairs where you can have a look at the newest motivating teaching materials and where you can get impressions of setting up new learning surroundings.

Lots of schools are changing

  • classrooms into learning surroundings with motivating, colourful and self explaining learning materials, where the students can find lots of indivualized learning materials for different learning levels.
  • chalkboards into smartboards with internet access
  • the role of the teacher into a learning partner or a learning assistant
  • schools into learning houses or learning centres

Lots of changes in the Western School System.....


This question I was writing in my notebook, when I was sitting in the plane, heading back to Germany in September 2016. I was creating a mindmap with lots of ideas of how to combine my knowledge and my experience in learning English, as a foreign language, in early childhood.


These words were always in my mind and were motivating myself to setting up Dodo's Book Boxes.


October 2016

Starting work again, I luckily got a new colleague from Bali. I told her about my idea and she was totally impressed. Also my old colleague from Florida was excited and ready to help set up Dodo's Book Boxes.

It was a sunny Saturday in October where we met for the video shoot for the Crowdfunding.


November 2016

"Your video doesn't have to look like a professional one - the most important thing is THE IDEA. Try to convince people with the IDEA not with a perfect cut!" (Camera Man)

With these words in our minds, we were spent more than 8 hours on a Saturday cutting Dodo's video on our own.

Thanks to Google, Youtube, and Dodo's SMILE (and his patience).

Sunday Night! It was DONE!

Dodo's video Cut was finished and ready to upload on the Crowdfunding HomepageAfter a short while the idea of Dodo's Book Boxes convinced the first supporters.

In November, I also contacted different distributors to order English Children's Books and hand puppets for the Boxes. Luckily the idea of Dodo's Book Boxes was so convincing that we got a special discount for the ordering and the shipping.

Time for making plans

Time was running out and it was time to contact the different local partnerships.

December 2016

At the beginning of December the first box with books from the United Kingdom arrived in Bali. Three weeks later me and Dodo were flying to Bali to start the Project.