How does it work?


Identify new local partnerships

I'm in constant communication with my contact people in the local partnerships. They inform me about their work with Dodo's Book Boxes and suggest new locations to start teaching English with Dodo's Book Boxes.


What are the needs?

I frequently get information about the needs of the children from the local contact people. What topics are the children from existing groups interested in? What are the English levels of the kids from new local partnerships?


Ordering Books

Ordering the books...the last time, Dodo's Book Boxes received a big discount from a book supplier from the UK. Hopefully Dodo's project can convince some more English Children's Books Suppliers for special prices.


Delivering and Introduction

When the books arrive in Bali, the different Boxes will be delivered to the old or new local partnerships. Furthermore, it's really important that the teachers and the people, who are taking care of the Library Boxes are getting a proper introduction in how to use the materials correctly. They can also find a lot of teaching materials and teaching guides for the different books on the InternPage.


The Boxes are ready to be used

The teachers are trained and ready to teach English with Dodo's Teaching Boxes in a fun and playful way. Also Dodo's Library Books can be introduced to the children, and even to the parents, so that they know how to use Dodo´s Library Books at home.


Reports of using Dodo's Books

For ordering new books and creating new Boxes, it's quite important that the teachers and library helpers are keep me updated about the progress of using Dodo's Book Boxes.