Dodo’s Teaching and Library Boxes

 "Indonesia's Reading Movement seeks book-lover communities on the village level!" (Arief Rachman, UNESCO Ambassador Indonesia)

With the knowledge of different reading habits and techniques, it's quite important to show the local communities, that READING CAN BE FUN.

Because of this, Dodo's Book Boxes are assembled with lots of hands-on materials and Story CD's to show children and parents how funny and playful reading can be.
Dodo's Book Boxes are split up in Teaching and Library Boxes. Have a closer look to get more information.


All Teaching Boxes are assembled with different Big Books, puppets, and Story CDs that go along with each story. With Dodo's Teaching Boxes the children are getting the chance to learn Basic English Vocabulary.

After a while, the children will be ready to choose their own English Books out of a wide range of colourful English Children's Books. For this we created DODO'S LIBRARY BOXES.


 "Children and communities need to be start with popular books or magazines that they like in the first place before moving on to the heavier themed readings!" (Arief Rachmann, UNESCO Ambassador Indonesia)

This is just an example of how one Library Box can look. All books use easy and kid-friendly language so that it'll be uncomplicated and fun for the children to understand the books. With the Library Boxes children and parents can "stay in touch" with reading different stories.

It is important to note that Dodo´s Library Boxes can only work with the following conditions:

  • one person who is in charge of the books and takes care of the materials
  • a library or place in the community (school, church, social groups, Organic Farm..)
  • parents or other community role models who read with the children