New cooperation – Asthaungika Centre of Education

Dodo's Book Boxes will cooperate with Asthaungika Centre of Education.

Asthaungika is a non-provit organisation which is “hand-in-hand” with Ananda Marga philosophy. We are recently build our centre in Sidan - Gianyar - Bali and have some running programs which are proposed to develop the education, skill, and spirituality of people near here. And one of them is English Class.

As an International language, we understand how English could be an important language for today and the days ahead to gaining global information and knowledge. Facing the changeable global challenge becoming a matter and difficulties by those who are not used to communicate in English. We realised that people here are eager to learn more and would learn to communicate in English but there was no access for that yet. Herewith, we would love to help them to move forward, to face the global era by providing them free english class with different level.

It has been 3 months to go, we are learning together how to speak english well. The new students keep coming and show their enthusiasm to learn more. We really want them to have a good place to go as their place to broaden their knowledge. We have 3 different level of English, they are :

The Elementary is for 3, 4,5, & 6 grade
The Junior is for 7,8,9 grade
The Senior for Adult class ( include Senior High Class and above )
Conversation class ( for advanced class and just focus on the communication skill)
Each classes are 1.5 hour duration ( Elementary for 1 hour only) and thought by two local volunteers with unique teaching system. The class would be learning with fun and game with additional of spirituality norms. We  designed the class quite bit different with normal class in the school hopefully makes them have more curiosity and give chance to them to speak up, give their ideas, and environmental approach. The most important thing we want is how to build their self-confidence to talk.

In every 3 weeks we are going to have outdoor activities such as gardening, Cooking Class, Tour, or any kind activities related to the environment based. This Kinetic teaching system will help them to gain more verbs. We also use flash cards and books to help them memorising the verbs.

One of my friend from Sweden gave me the link of Dodo’s Bookboxes and we are really excited to start cooperation or work together with Dodo’s Bookboxes in order to help people here to develop their English by have some donation of books.