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Have a look at Dodo's Wishlist and order some books at for creating new Boxes!

Dodo’s Teaching Boxes

Donation : $150.00/ $1,000.00

Dodo's Teaching Boxes are created for the needs of local Balinese partnerships. Have a closer look!


Dodo’s LIBRARY Boxes

Donation : $100.00/ $1,000.00

Dodo's LIBRARY BOXES will offer the chance to start READING FOR PLEASURE at HOME.  Have a closer look!


Give Indonesian childrenthe chance to learn English with Dodo's Books in a fun and playful way.

Bali has one of the biggest tourism industries in the world. Finding a job in tourism requires, at least, some English language knowledge. Unfortunately, not every child has the chance to learn the language. Dodo knows that childhood is the "Golden Age" of learning a foreign language in a playful way. He loves reading and knows how to convince people to have fun through reading books. Have a closer look at Dodo's Book Boxes and find out WHY BOOKS are so IMPORTANT for INDONESIAN CHILDREN and THEIR PARENTS.


Dodo's TEACHING BOXES are set up with a sample of Big Books for teaching BASIC ENGLISH in a fun and playful way. Have a closer look at Dodo's Teaching Boxes.


After learning English with Dodo's Teaching Boxes the LIBRARY BOXES will give the children an opportunity for READING FOR PLEASURE. With 250$ it's possible to set up ONE LIBRARY BOX.

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Watch the video and join the kids from Munduk Lumbang on their village tour in English!

Watch the video and join the kids from Munduk Lumbang on their village tour in English!

29 October, 2017Posted In : NEWS

Learning English with Dodo can be FUN. The kids from Munduk Lumbang are so proud to take you 0n thei READ MORE

Dodo’s Book Boxes in the local newspaper

27 June, 2017Posted In : News

http:// BZ-Fragebogen, ausgefüllt von Isabell Bogner (veröffentlicht am Do, 08. Juni 2017 auf badi READ MORE

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What Dodo's Friends say

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    The books that you donated to our PPA is such a big help for the teachers. Because the Book Boxes all include hands on materials that go along with the stories, the books are really interesting for the children. Each of Dodo's English class helps the children to practice English in a fun way.

    Yustina-English Teacher at Bali (PPA, Widhi Satya Church Denpasar)
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    We of Kiddiology LOVE this idea. Our shop is located next to a school and we see how important education is for the children. Because we think it's a really good idea we LOVE to donate some of our books.

    Daniel – Kiddiology Bali (Kiddiology)
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    Makes me happy inside to hear that the project is going so well!

    Daniel – Kiddiology Bali (Kiddiology)